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Re: Thoughts, suggestions and a non-car analogy

moving_comfort wrote:

awaldram wrote:

Simon Devlin wrote:


PP was condescending over various stuff, I didn't say any of my lenses were special nor ask his opinion if they were!

Yes Gerry, I like your 2nd picture a lot more also and perhaps if I bought a Pentax 50mm limited I would prefer my nothing special 50mm instead.

Asteroid coming your way

Before you get to carried away let me post some 'examples'

Legacy glass


Andrew, you should nail focus with each shot before you compare - that 'legacy' shot looks very front-focused.

I wasn't really comparing sharpness , A sharp lens is easy . The example was to show the colour shift that poor coating produce.

A lens should render whats in front of it without alteration, many of the old fast glass are guilty of applying their own interpretation of the image to the sensor and indeed you may like their version but don't think that's what a lens is supposed to do.

Who do you prefer as a singer, judging by the recordings available - Norah Jones or Billie Holiday?

Neither answer is wrong. Norah Jones is by far a better technical singer, her tonal control is about as perfect as it gets, her range is wonderful, she even controls her breathing better - but she'll probably never be a legend, like Billie Holiday. Norah Jones is sometimes considered perfect, but vapid and unexciting. Billie is very... imperfect technically, but hits much harder in execution... maybe in part because of those imperfections.

I'd be more Ruby Turner but to each his own

The Pentax fast 50's are guilty of this from the 'dreamy' f1.4 to the gritty f1.7 you can call it character if you will but it poor optical design in reality.

Pentax F 50 , 1.7


This ^^ is my favorite shot of yours that I've ever seen, by the way - not a good choice to use as an example of what 'bad' glass brings, if that's what you were doing.

I would tend to disagree the Bokeh CA is awful , You like it because the emotional content is engaging not because its a technically decent image.

Take the two below  the 2nd one with a F50 1.7 prime the first with a da* 50-135. The DA* image is technically many times superior to the prime image even though the prime had base ISO on its side and the DA* is shot at ISO 1600.

Re the Pentax 50mm lenses, and legacy lenses in general - have a look at ---> My favorite Lens (Luminous Landscape)

Anyway, here are my specifics for the OP - I've dabbled with most (not all) 'legacy' K-mount primes, and quite a few M42 primes. (almost no MF legacy zooms - and I'd suggest staying away from those.) The lenses I've kept, and highly recommend: M20 f/4, M 85 f/2, Lester Dine 105 f/2.5 macro (same as Vivitar S1 105 macro).


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Here are a few of my favorite things...
---> http://www.flickr.com/photos/95095968@N00/sets/72157626171532197/

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