RX-1 Backfocus issue

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Re: RX-1 Backfocus issue

sean lancaster wrote:

but my general sense is that the camera missed focus on a lot of the shots. But the bigger problem for me today is the shots I didn't get.

oh well, i had a few hobby-photographing rx1-fanboyz bashing me after i pointed out exactly this circumstance in my personal analaysis of this 3K-toy... when i came to the conclusion, that it is not usable for a professional street photography or photojpurnalism because you probably WILL LOSE many shots with it. for other professional photography it is also of course not usable. perhaps its usable for landscalpe photogs. but hwo needs 35 mm for landscapes... and which pro landscape photographer will argue with the size of the camera when he has to carry a tripod anyway...

so, you see...

the RX1 is a nice toy, replacing my iPhonography... but well.... thats all it does.

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