Sony Nex-7 Macro Lens Suggestions?

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Re: Sony Nex-7 Macro Lens Suggestions?

I don't shoot a lot of macro (thus I'm not very good at it).  But just to compare some options, consider the 4 shots below - all jpegs with no cropping at all.  Dollar bill wasn't wanting to lie very flat, so I had some DOF challenges.

With the E-mount 30mm macro lens

With the alpha-mount Tamron 90mm macro lens

With the 18-55 kit lens, but mounted backwards on a cheap reversing ring (e-mount to 49mm filter thread)

With a pentax k-mount 50mm lens on a fairly cheap bellows

Only #1 and #2 give you autofocus.  I do like both these lenses, and use them for more than just macro, but they don't offer the same "bang for the buck" as the options below.

If you already have the kit lens, then #3, the reversing ring, can get you started for about $10, and it takes almost no extra room in your bag!  You just have to affix the lens normally first to set the aperture you want, then remove and reverse it without shutting down the camera.  Focus by moving the camera relative to the subject.  This was taken at the 18mm end of the zoom.  Oddly, I seem to get a lettle less magnification with my 16mm lens reversed, but the result is pretty similar in quality.

#4 gives the most magnification, but it's a cumbersome setup.

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