Adobe Creative Cloud Questions

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Re: Adobe Creative Cloud Questions

InspectorHud wrote:

My only compliant though is the licensing, I recently took a trip out of the country where I had no access to internet in any way... Although I could use Lightroom fine, Photoshop would not open because it could not check my license online. The next time I travel I will research this more so I dont get caught with no access to Photoshop.

I do jobs all the time where I do not have internet and Photoshop has never refused to open. I can't see how that would matter whether you are out of the country or in your own home.

Justin is correct, Apps used must 'check-in' at least once a month to validate license.
I ran into this as well, however the moment I was able to gain internet access and have it validate license all was well not having such connection thereafter.

- GlenG

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