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OntarioJohn wrote:

I would have gone to Sears if I lived in the US, and I thought about the hour trip to Port Huron and down towards Detroit, but I'd have had to do that without the bride and I hate driving alone, and can't drive at night until the cataracts are done. That's a specialists call and mine are not yet bad enough to warrant repair/replacement. Or I can go to the US and pay for it out of pocket.

Anyways, looking forward to your suggestions. I know a hammer would work, but a77 would be ok, but that Bower flash won't.

And the bridge crossing at Port Huron is a bitch.

I am thinking that the Sony flashes have a pin at the base that has to be pressed in before you can pull the flash off the hotshoe. Your Bower may have similar and you haven't found it. Also, if it is just sticking parts, be careful to not cover the contacts with non-conductive grease.

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