Bought two cameras today; only one came home with me.

Started Dec 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
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webmonkey128 Forum Member • Posts: 63
Bought two cameras today; only one came home with me.

After a few months of indecision I thought I had finally made up my mind - I walked into a local electronics chain with approval from the financial controller (wife) and picked up a silver OM-D 12-50 kit for a bargain price.

Totally chuffed I was heading back to my car when I passed a camera shop with a silver X-E1 18-55 on display; this was the first time I've seen this thing in the flesh and thought I'd just have a also left the store with me.

It was not an easy choice but only one camera came home with me today, my heart won out and I'm an owner of a X-E1.

First impressions:

Build quality is tight, the OM-D body while also good didn't feel as nice as the X-E1 nor was it as nice to hold. The 12-50 kit lens of the OM-D felt pretty trashy compared with the XF 18-55.

EVF - bright and clear with a little lag when panning.  It actually activates faster when brought up to the eye where the OM-D would take it's time; this delay on the OM-D was quite noticeable and annoying.

AF - definitely not as bad as most people make out.  On good targets it locks nicely and quite quickly - almost OM-D speed.  The part where it falls behind the OM-D is it's willingness to lock on some occasions but when it does it's spot on.

I'm looking forward to shooting with my new toy - Have a good holiday folks! 

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