The NEX 5N is better at high ISO's than the A99 :-(

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Re: The NEX 5N is better at high ISO's than the A99 :-(

skeezix wrote:

I am interested in comments from A99 users about the impact of multi frame noise reduction on high ISO pictures. Is this effective, and would this compensate for mediocre A99 high ISO performance otherwise?

MFNR is decent on certain subjects. It is not meant to be used on moving things, like a dog running around, or car driving by. Anytime you have substantial changes in pixel exposure, it will receive no benefit over a standard photo at those settings. The faster you can pop off those 6 shots, the less movement there will be between frames and the better the NR will be. The problem is sony cut the a99 FPS in half from the a77, so now it takes about a full second to shoot a full MFNR capture. This still works great for handheld scenery or portraits, but the faster the FPS, the more movement it could handle while still retaining good NR.

As for the technical aspects, it stacks 6 photos in camera, jpeg only, to reduce noise by about 2 stops. The normal in camera NR appears to be done after the stacking to get the most out of both factors. Very useful if you don't have a tripod in low light, but some people hate shooting in jpeg.

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