Help through the lens maze please.

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Re: Help through the lens maze please.

If you don't mind manual focus lenses then virtually every lens made for the last 60 years can be  adapted to the NEX 7. That's one of the main reasons I bought mine as I only do landscapes, studio and macro work so have no use for autofocus. Most of my lenses are Pentax M42 and K mount with one Tamron adaptall 2 and one Canon FD which cover all of my needs, and none cost over $200. And since all my landscapes are done with panostitching I don't need wide angle lenses.

My present collection consists of:

28mm f3.5 Pentax M42

35mm f3.5 Canon FD

50 f1.4 Pentax M42

90 f2.5 Tamron macro K mount adapter

135 f2.5 Pentax K

150 and 200 Pentax M42

300mm F4 Pentax K

Pentax 2x K

all of which are much better in optical quality than many fixed AF lenses and pretty much all zoom lenses. And I paid less than $800 for them all.

So to decide which lenses to buy, first determine what your needs are. If you need AF lenses then you must stick to modern glass. But if you can get by with MF lenses then your choices can number in the thousands.

Have fun.

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