A99 Video Settings - No adjustments on anything except ISO ??

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Re: A99 Video Settings - No adjustments on anything except ISO ??

There are two main ways of shooting video:

1) in full af mode: you ca hoot your images and then quickly press the record button on the back of the camera to quickly record a video. Yes, you are correct the aperture will have an automatic max aperture of f3.5

2) in manual mode, with MANUAL focus. For this you need to use the dial and then the fn button as described above. You can either shoot in P, S, A or M mode with different degrees of adjustments.

Four quick points:

1) you shutter speed should be double of your fps. In other words: if you shoot in 60p then uour shutterr speed should be approximately 1/125s to avoid stutter effects

2) choose your in camera style settings carefully! I do grading in post and therefore choose neutral style, with sharpness and contrast set to either zero or minus one

3) as mentioned, you can program one of your memory buttons for video shooting, works very well

4) I have set my af/mf button to toogle. Now if you are in manual focus/ video mode you can always quickly toogle the af/mf button to achieve af focus, before pressing it once again to be back in manual mode before pressing the record button! I have also set my focus peaking to on so to see what is in focus.

For the A99 and A77 reading the manual is a MUST! I do not mean this in any rude way, but I have learned this when first hetting my A77. There are so many settings that are hidden away that you really habe to dig into the manual...

Just to give you a taste: at the beginning a lot of people advised to use the night shoot scene mode when using the camera at night without a tripod, while in fact it is much better to use the multiframe noise reduction method hidden away under uour ISO settings, as you can adjust all your settings which you can not in the first.

Also the focusing modes on both the A77 andA99 are highly complex systems...i.e. if you use centre point AF alone this will give you a different outcome than if you use the above combined with face detection set to on. The later will not only focus on the face but also adjust the exposure so that the fave is exposed correctly! (I assume you did know that independently on what kind of af mode you have chosen to use, by pressing the controller on the back you will be automatically in center focus mode?)


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