POLL: would you buy a digital back for film cameras?

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No way. I owned a DMR

marcio_napoli wrote:

So we have this Nikon's patent of digital backs for film cameras.

If we wanna see this product seeing the light of day, what about a Poll?

Please, present your thoughts here.

I'll start with my own vote: YES, I DO WANT IT x

I started in photography directly in the digital age. But I did have a few film cameras (F90X, Mamiya 645), and shot a bunch of Provia for a few years.

I'd always wanted to buy a Nikon F5 and F6, both extremely gorgeous cameras, but I do not want to mess with film anymore (as I don't have my own scanner).

So if Nikon could market a digital back for these cameras, I'd buy a F6 tomorrow.

No, I don't consider a D700/800 to be the F6 digital equivalent. I want that charm and beauty of those extremely well built film cameras.

Bottom line: I'd buy many film cameras, and many digital backs, if these were made available.

How many is "many"? You offered $1M each. I believe if you committed to 50 backs, I could arrange production.

What are your thoughts?

My thoughts?

Are you old enough to remember those "convert your bicycle to a moped" kits. That, but worse.

I am one of the unfortuates who purchased the festering pile known as the Leica dmr. It was a photographic experience so soaked in the necter of stupid that the only thing that they could do to make it worse was add flesh piercing needles to the controls, and maybe something to make it zap you with a high voltage shock every few minutes.

You want to bring that back? Are you mad?

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yes, most everything is in lower case. i'm mildly arthritic and seldom use my pinkies when i type.

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