IQ, old F20/30 vs. XF1 (I a should have asked it this way before)

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Re: IQ, old F20/30 vs. XF1 (I a should have asked it this way before)

I went from F20 to XF1, and XF1 is a substantial upgrade in every way. I like the 1600% EXR dynamic range mode; no cameras without this special mode of the Fujis can capture such wide range of brightness. The AF is much faster(very similar to DSLR) on the XF1. The lens is overall better. The high ISO is vastly better, despite the F20 having excellent high ISO for it's era. You do have to set NR to med low and set sharpness to soft on the XF1 to take advantage of it's high ISO, or it will kill fine detail. Also need to fiddle with shadow tone settings on XF1.

F20 is supposed to use same sensor and processor as the F30/F31, and test samples show it to be very similar as expected. XF1 simply is much better in all areas, and has quite good ISO2000(sharp, noise free prints at 8x10" is easy) if you set up options correctly and use the EXR low noise mode.

Trevor G wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

I have the chance of replacing my daughters dead F20 with one of these at a good price new (a bit better then then $399 deal). It all depends on the IQ, the F20 and 30 were always quite wonderful for what they were, how does this new XF1 stack up?

The F31 is still a remarkable camera. I just gave one to my son, who likes to take fuzzy photos of car parts on his iPhone in low light.

The F31 is much better, and is quite usable up to ISO1600.

As such, it is no worse than a current X10 or XF1, but is considerably more pocketable.

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