Why can't I buy the NEX-5R and the 16-50mm as a kit?

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Re: Why can't I buy the NEX-5R and the 16-50mm as a kit?

JPG wrote:

From the reviews I am reading I'm not sure I want the 1650. They may be compact but the electronic zoom takes about 3 sec. to extend out. I would rather have a lens that's ready to go, on the spot, inspite of being just a little larger. Then they seem to have distortion problem. However I have not heard if they are any better or worse then the 1855 kit lens

I beg to differ.  The 16-50 is a very nice lens.   It may not take top honors, but it is definitely not embarrassed by other zoom lenses in comparison.  The extra wide angle (16mm instead of 18mm) is useful, and most important of all, it is compact.   I can use this Rezo 60 case on my belt for the NEX-6+16-50mm:

And NEX-5R is even smaller.

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