What's most important to you and why?

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Re: What's most important to you and why?

shoevarek wrote:

You probably want a clear cut answers with nicely ordered list but is it even possible to come up with such list? For example if I shoot landscape I usually strive to achieve sharp results. I try to use tripod, MLU to minimize camera shake and use smaller apertures to maximize depth of field. But not always. When I do shoot portraits my priorities change. To make matters even worse some of the photographs I liked most were taken using rules in complete opposition to my own priorities and intentions. Just pure luck.

That's a great point and thanks for pointing that out.  Yes, if the context changes priorities that's good to understand. I picked those criteria just because I needed some way to organize things for myself and to try and keep the emphasis on prioritization of characteristics as opposed to something more abstract like "ultimate image quality".

So I readily admit there are variables that will affect people's answers differently.

You mention that some of the photos you liked most sort of flew in the face of your priorities and intentions. I'm less focused on the "results" and more interested in the intentions right now. What people are trying to do vs. what ends up happening.

I like ergonomic and versatile camera bodies but yet the most fun I had recently experienced was using old Aires rangefinder and looking at 6x17 slides I have shoot with camera that fits in a suitcase. Needless to say I do not photograph for a living

I'd say in some senses that's still an ergonomic concern. Just that the objective isn't "efficiency" but "fun". All the better!

Thanks so much for your response.

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