DAM software replacement for IDImager

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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

thelordsmurf wrote:

I agree that IDImager is not going to blow up and self-destruct anytime soon.

I am a physician and use photography as a hobby. I think I take some good pictures so I'd like to be able to retain them in a logical way. I use photos as a kind of travel diary... so there are specific things that I want my DAM software to be able to do. I don't need it to have sophisticated image editing in it; old versions of Photoshop work for me. I don't shoot RAW but I might one day; when that day comes around that might be a factor.

I guess I just need a software that lets me do hierarchical tagging, store the data in the file, and make it show up in Facebook and Flickr. I can use GeoSetter for GPS if I have to. I can use Photoshop for image editing if I have to. I do want to be able to search my photos and find them with good search criteria; for instance if I'm making a gift for a friend, finding all the pics of that friend quickly would be nice.

Also, something that lets me take Picasa face tagging (which is the best by far that I've used) and import that would be great. Do Daminion, iMatch, or any of the others mentioned here do that?

Thanks for all the help!

It won't destruct... but then again, it isn't windows 8 compliant so upgrading you PC will render your software obsolete.  In addition, you will not get much in the way of support or enhancement which you will eventually want for when you purchase a new camera or want to do things like easy drag/drop GPS.  If you do eventually run into the dreaded SQL errors - good luck trying to correct them in the older version.

It was great software... Supreme is MUCH faster, better UI but is missing some features that it should have (such as the aforementioned GPS module).

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