What's most important to you and why?

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Re: What's most important to you and why?

asterox101 wrote:

I know there's a balance here and everything lies on a spectrum of some kind. But I'm actually curious because I'm finding my own thoughts on this evolving over time and I'd love to hear whether this has or is happening to others and what's prompting it.

So if you had to prioritize these qualities in a camera/lens combo, how would you rank and why?

And let's keep it clean folks.

1. Ease of Use (Ergonomics, Portability, Responsiveness)

2. Color Rendering (Fidelity, Color Character, etc.)

3. Sharpness

4. Dynamic Range of Light and Dark (Ability to push and pull files, smoothness of transitions and detail in under and overexposed areas)

5. Versatility (Suitability for a wide range of subjects and situations)


You probably want a clear cut answers with nicely ordered list but is it even possible to come up with such list? For example if I shoot landscape I usually strive to achieve sharp results. I try to use tripod, MLU to minimize camera shake and use smaller apertures to maximize depth of field. But not always. When I do shoot portraits my priorities change. To make matters even worse some of the photographs I liked most were taken using rules in complete opposition to my own priorities and intentions. Just pure luck.

I like ergonomic and versatile camera bodies but yet the most fun I had recently experienced was using old Aires rangefinder and looking at 6x17 slides I have shoot with camera that fits in a suitcase. Needless to say I do not photograph for a living

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