Anyone heard of Zeiss 135mm F2 for sale yet?

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Re: Anyone heard of Zeiss 135mm F2 for sale yet?

semorg wrote:

There is nothing like great images and pentup demand to creat lots of willing buyers. On the contrast, it just takes couple of images that may show flaws by early testers to dry up enthusiasm. My guess is zeiss pulled out the samples and are making some design changes. That being said, it might be a good idea to pre-order as the design change, etc. might push the price up a bit

They(zeiss) dont do this they never had. We all just accept it with a bit of humor. When they do finally release it to sale, its then the pictures flood in from Zeiss chosen photographers and the pictures are always awful but explain the lens without distracting the viewer.

The changes will be production changes most likely, the designs are not let go so far that they use manufacturing the 1st batch as a test of the design. The 1st batch is a test of the manufacturing and the tweaks are likely those.

I'm interested in it too, I'm not sure if I need it though and am waiting till more is known about the newer large format lenses they have coming, they said 3 and I want to know besides the 50 what the other two are.

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