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Re: Only agree with some of what you said

wrz wrote:

I've seen specs and handled camera. I was more impressed before handling it than after AF with 50/1.4 was really bad, hunting whole range under medium bulbs lighting, with AF points in the middle of frame only. Please tell me what this camera have over A77 that I am missing and is worth 3x price of A77, and 2x of D600, and 700$ more than D800 (EU pricing).

I am still not sure what to do, currently I own NEX system and two bright prime A mount FF lenses. I am keeping NEX it is great and would like to buy FF in the begining of 2013. With A99 I could add LA-EA2 and have "one" system. Currently I use manual adapter for those lenses and NEX. But when I start calculating prices of Sony FF and Nikon (D800 or D600) everytime Nikon is cheaper. I live in Europe here A99 is for 3700$ and D800 for 3000$.


Quick Navi is back

Two memory card slots (very configurable)

Auto Iso in M mode (nice!)

Different size Jpgs can be recorded alongside raw in RAW+JPG mode

NR Off option for JPGs

Audio level control in video

Headphone out for video monitoring

Clean HDMI out

No video crop if SS is off

AF-D mode for supported lenses

AF-Range mode (an in-cam focus range limiter) for all AF lenses

Modified 'object tracking' mode

Silent Multi Controller on the front

New grip can take 2 batteries, leaving one still in the camera

Peaking seems more sensitive (A77 peaking fades away in dimmer light)

Flash button can be customised

AF On is an option to allow 'back button AF'

Flash Exposure Lock

Greatly improved Hi ISO performance

Focus hold can be separated from AE lock by assigning the buttons differently

14 bit versus 12 bit raw

I am sure I can dig out more...enough for now?


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