30 new lenses added in one go to the m4/3 system...

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Re: 30 new lenses added in one go to the m4/3 system...

DLBlack wrote:

The rumored pro-OMD that can fully use 4/3 lenses is really good news for users that have those great 4/3 lenses. For the people that don't, then new native m-4/3 lenses would be better. Hopefully the pro-OMD will solve the c-AF tracking issues that current CD-AF cameras have. Still interesting times ahead.

I am not so sure, because although Oly will certainly issue some new m4/3 native lenses, the message coming across from an OM-D Pro with adapter is that those 4/3 fast zooms will be all we will ever see.

And as mentioned elsewhere, they are even better than the best zooms issued by Panny, and have at the moment a v. convenient price. I am sure that Pro and semi-Pro users will jump on the occasion, if they AF seamlessly, and are matched to a properly sized body.

I ran a simulation of the OM-D with grip, and both the 12-60 and 14-54 and they match quite well.

That might also explain why Oly insists with primes now.


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