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Re: Only agree with some of what you said

Eric Perez wrote:

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wrz wrote:

topstuff wrote:

Finally, the D600 is not in the same class as the A99. It's not about the sensor. It's about all the other extra features. Lets not forget the D600 is essentially a D7000 with a FF sensor. A great camera though.

And A99 is what? It is A77 with FF sensor and one additional knob. It even lacks A77 FPS and flash. So I would say it is not even A77 with FF sensor

the a99 sh!ts all over the a77 in high ISOs, and for a lot of people that's enough. Heck, my NEX-5N does better in high ISOs than my a77.

So the better iso of the a99 vs a77 is enough to buy the a99, but the D600 being better than the a99 isn't important? Go have a look at DXOmark and check the iso scores. The D600 is just under 3k, the a99 in the 1500s, and the a77 is 801. So tell me again, does iso performance made a difference or not? Because I see a lot of people saying the better iso of the nikon isn't important, then saying that is the exact reason the a99 is worth the upgrade...

Wow.  Tough to argue with that logic.

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