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Re: I love dogs

talico wrote:

I have to admit, When I read this, I was thinking it was a complete joke...

Anyway, I totally thought this was a joke. 5 times a week we get "hey I just bought a (insert your FF Camera), here is a picture of my cat." It seemed so well done, hitting all of the points of the usual posts here that it seemed too good to be true.

I am still waiting for the post "I had you going didn't I" This even went to the point of making people apologize profusely. If this were a troll of some kind, Well done I say! Best ever! If not go out and buy a lottery ticket because your post was like hitting the trifecta.


I'm certain this was total irony.  It was very funny, but also very obvious.  I could only be more sure if it were me that had created a fake account and done it myself.  Otherwise, the bit about the best lens for fur was totally over-the-top.  I laughed for a solid minute after that.  I imaged a Nikon-Canon debate about which camera produces better for "fur tones".

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