Why buy a GH3 over FF

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Re: Why buy a GH3 over FF

Hi folks, I'm new to Dpreview.

I've had a dilemma with A99 vs E-M5. As much as I consider A99 a truly great camera, for my personal needs I value more the portability and versatility of the MFT system than ultrashallow DOF or action shooting, plus FF lenses are very expensive if you want the best.  But your needs may be different than mine.

HowardinOregon wrote:

Thus, assuming weight is an inconvience, but not a deal breaker and price is a relatively minor consideration would a Sony a99 be an equal, better or worse choice? Perhaps I should wait a month or two to see if the a99's video autofoucus/noise issues are resolved. I stopped by a Shutterbug store and tested an a77 with the Zeiss 24-70 lens. Found it pleasing in many ways especially EVF, but lens weight was no minor thing. Yet, for a relatively simiilar price (I've volunteered to provide video footage together with stills for a elementary school) I could purchase 2 GH3s permiting one camera on tripod capturing a wide angle shot while I can use the other at various angles/focal lengths to capture close up action. End results are a DVD for parents and fund raising; stills for parents from 4x6 to 13x17 processed in CS5 Photoshop-Premier and After Effects. In short, is the FF a99 worth the additional cost or is it an example of the law of dimishing returns?

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