Pop Photo camera of the year (5DIII?)

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Re: They repeatedly mention: "balanced", which is true.

RodluvanII wrote:

You're all over the place, and have been from the begining.

LOL. Really? Please show me how I am all over the place. This should be amusing.

I humored you with my first reply (I really shouldn't have as I could see where it was heading),

Obviosuly, because you have no proof and have to resort to calling me a liar to try to prove something that isn't true. What a joke you are.

but can't be bothered to spend any more time dealing with strawmen, your emotional fits and blatant lies like your computer handles files 3 times larger with the same speed.

Again, what a joke. Emotional fits? Please show me. See, this is where you mix fact with fiction, I never said that my computer handles files 3 times the size with the same speed, I said, "it hasn't made one iota of difference to my workflow in either speed or results" , which is a completely different kettle of fish, but that wouldn't suit your forlorn desire to try in vain to prove me wrong. The fact that you do not understand the process I use and why it is that I can process D800 images as fast as I did with my D700 or D7000 just goes to show your ignorance. It is quite simple. Whilst I download the files from my card, I begin processing in my RAW whilst they are still downloading. As I adjust these images I then save them to 16bit TIFF and they write to disk as I process other images and I continue this until finished. This takes the same time as it would if I was doing a D700 or D7000 set of images and that is a fact. The fact I do this whilst they are being downloaded from the card saves time and therefore the whole process takes the same time as with the D700 images.

Simple. An apology should be forthcoming from you.

And even if it does, by some method unknown to man, other people with normal computers will not be as lucky. Go ahead and call me an armchair expert for making that assumption; I believe the majority of laughs will be on you.

You misrepresent the facts to suit your silly desires to win a futile argument you can't win because your argument is flawed. Just because you can't understand something doesn't mean that it can't happen. So, yes, you are an armchair "expert". Unfortunatley, you can't accept that and have to resort to calling me a liar without proof. Again, you are quite the joke and a disgraceful person.

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