New fuji x20 coming soon

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Re: New fuji x20 coming soon

MarTay6 wrote:

Evoprox- you'd have a difficult time beating an OM-D with anything that Fuji is likely to come out with. And I love Fuji's- but my OM-D is absolutely superb. It'd be tough to go wrong with one. I'm still wanting daily to buy an XS-1- and have to convince myself daily that it's not a better camera than the Oly. I simply love the way their bridge cameras feel- and operate.


Thanks Wes, the OM-D is still on top of my list, just below the X11/20. BTW, this afternoon my brother arrived with his brandnew X-E1, a very nice camera indeed, especially that fast 18-55 zoom made me drool. BUT the first thing nasty me did was trying to focus on two chairs below the kitchen table. Nothing. Next try ... again nothing. The AF kept hunting back and forth but wouldn't lock on anything below that table and the light wasn't that bad at all. Vertical lines, horizontal lines, nothing, sheesh. So I took my X10 for comparison's sake and guess what, no problems at all. Fairly quick AF lock on anything I threw at it. Regarding an upgrade I'm waiting for another 2 weeks and see what Fuji will present at their scheduled CES press conference. Oh Gawd, let there be a X11/20 with a one inch 16MP sensor and flip screen and I'd be sold.

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