Is Microsoft Even Listening about Windows 8?

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Re: New York Times article
I will be quite surprised if we don't start seeing touch screen-enabled laptops on the market very soon. Given that, we will all be dragging icons on the laptops much as on mobile devices. Desktops may be different, but I would not bet on that assumption.

I think some people already have touch screen laptops, and they are running Win 8 on them.

And certainly, in 2013, there will be more and more of these machines.

That machines like that are coming, I'm sure , but the question is: how much of the market share will they win ? I'd guess that close to all laptops will become like that. But laptop sales will drop because of tablets ?

And looking at this article: New York Times article

"It used to be that a new version of the Windows operating system was enough to get people excited about buying a new computer, giving sales a nice pop.
Not this time. Windows 8, the latest edition of Microsoft’s software, failed to pack shoppers into a Microsoft store in a mall here last week, at a time when parking lots in the area were overflowing. The trickle of shopping bags leaving the store with merchandise was nothing like the steady stream at a bustling Apple store upstairs".

I wonder: how much of the drop in desktop sales is because of the economy, and the increase in tablet sales, and how much of it is because of the new UI of Windows 8 ?

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