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Re: The price differential IS relevant...

Eric Perez wrote:

topcon2 wrote:

OntarioJohn wrote:

What's your source for the 'sluggish' sales of the a99. Enquiring minds and all that.

This board.

yea I think with all the threads and postings of a99 complaints it should be obvious. The biggest supporters are the ones who keep saying they just like sony and will not change brands. That's not logical, but it is their choice. I personally think they are afraid. They are afraid that if word gets around far enough, the sales of sony will decline enough to end the sony brand in cameras. This is the ultimate fear of a fanboy afterall, that their brand will sink. Then all that glass they spent a fortune on will be worthless, and they will have to jump to a brand they have been bashing on for years. This is the fear, this is why they don't want anybody posting the negatives of the brand.

Trolling BS.

I own a Canon 5D2 and until recently Nikon D300 and D700.  Still have some nice Nikon lenses.  This rather destroys your theory.

I don't care a damn about brands.  I am not a member of a tribe.  Are you?

I choose to suit Sony because I like using the EVF.  Simple.  If any other maker did the same, I would happily take a look.

All this talk of fear ?  What are you blathering on about?  Fear of "worthless" glass - bull Crap. What is there to be scared of?

Is this really the best you can do?

I know that DPR has a bad reputation for trolls on it's boards, but you guys are way too obvious about what you're doing.  It's like a school playground here.  If you can't raise your game, just shut up and stop making fools of yourself.

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