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Re: Stop this nonsense...

Eric Perez wrote:

topstuff wrote:

If you want to jabber on about the D600, take it to the Nikon forum.

Some very bossy people in the sony forums this weekend. I will post where I want, if you don't like freedom of opinion maybe you shouldn't be posting on the internet. I can't tell you what to do, you can't tell me what to do. Thats the beauty of free speech. Fun isn't it?

You are indeed completely free to say what you want.  Even if it makes no sense.  So if you want to continue spending your precious life talking about a consumer electronic item you don't own, knock your self out.  It's your life.  I'm glad you think you'll look back on this and regard it as constructive use of of your time on this planet.

In the meantime, we Sony users will simply enjoy the EVF we choose to use and which no other maker provides in the same way. Given that we own Sony cameras and choose their unique EVF, we have an excuse.  The only excuse you have Is because you find it sport, or it somehow makes you feel better about Nikon perhaps..whatever, it's a bit strange..

Why do you care so much about brand A over brand B?

Why is it important that people who CHOOSE a different brand, for their own reasons, should somehow listen to someone who disagrees with their choice?  Why should you care?

Free speech is fantastic.  It's really useful when stuff like politics, life, you know, important stuff is involved.

It's a shame people waste it on such pointless BS.

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