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One can understand not wanting to be trapped into making public statements that then cannot be honored. But it's daft that Ricoh will not even hint at the direction a new camera will take. Companies benefit from the excitement and anticipation that the rumour mills stir up.

Hey, you are forgetting it is Ricoh we are talking about. Ricoh statements the past year regarding their future products are rarer than an albino unicorn. The statements in that interview are not that clear but they are quite strong coming from a Japanese rep: they will launch a product (or products). They have put "their all" in it. They will come back strong. It will appeal to the core fans.

I can't read anything from that statement - and I am a core fan.

That alone is more than we have gotten for the last freaking two years... ...and it does pique my curiosity for sure. Usually their statements are coming fairly close to actual product launch. I am guessing that they had perhaps planned to release something in time for Christmas but that they didn't manage to complete it in time so they decided to sit on it for a while longer.

It will be interesting to see and I have an outspoken wish list consisting of about four or five items / upgrades I would like to see. If they tick one or two out of those boxes am I all game.

Ricoh will never be a major player and they know that. With Pentax they aim to swing a heavy bat and that will benefit Ricoh with technology trickling down to Ricoh products and perhaps lead to some cross compatibility which I am sure they are looking into.

I hope they are successful with Pentax, the Pentax fans deserve that. I also hope they will come back strong in 2013. 2012 was kind of a non event as far as Ricoh goes.

I am in no rush yet, I have what I need and then some. The stuff that I want and that I would like I can wait a little while longer on. There are options out there but since there is no such thing as a perfect system I am more inclined to wait and see what they have to offer than I am too ditch it all and jump on another band wagon.

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