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Re: Rumors or rather wishful thinking

Joerg V wrote:

  • full size σ
  • Mirror-less long-awaited user
  • Developing new monochrome mode

The prospect of a full size Foveon is tempting but I would wager that we won't see such a thing in 2013 and not in 2014 either. In fact I *did* put money on that bet (= just ordered a D800).

Kazuto Yamaki said two months ago that there are no plans for a mirrorless. A link to this interview was posted in the forum.

Foveon and monochrome does not make sense. Take a Bayer sensor, remove the filter array and voilà, you have a very capable, low noise, high iso monochrome sensor. So if this rumor is fiddle-faddle chance is good that the other rumors fall into the same category.

Anyway, merry christmas


The article translates to Product Strategy, that could mean where the R&D budget is focused, doesn't mean that they will release it this next year.

I think 2013 for the Mirrorless or Full Frame is too ambitious and soon.  With a Full Frame Foveon, the TRUE III needs to be much faster and more capable than a TRUE II and probably time for a newer battery with higher capacity (2000mah to 2600mah) than the BP-21.  Either by the time or with the next SLR, Sigma should fill out their new lens lineup more (at least 10-12 total lenses).

I am hoping the new Monochrome mode is a mode and not a specific camera, but we will see if this is true.

I would like to see a 2013 edition of the SD1M with 2-3 times the buffer and improvements to battery life (maybe from a die shrink of the TRUE II image processors).  This would be a way to refresh the lineup and bring additional value to it without having to introduce a completely new model that would have massive R&D investments.

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