New 8-15 mm vs Used 15 mm Fisheye

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Re: New 8-15 mm vs Used 15 mm Fisheye

proudfather wrote:

I'd like to shoot fisheye on a FF body and am considering either a used 15 mm (~$650 US) vs. the new 8-15 mm (~$1,300US).

I'm confident that I would never use the 8-15 mm at 8 mm; and the f/2.8 aperture on the used 15 mm might be nice (even though I probably would rarely shoot that wide). Sometimes Canon refuses to repair older lenses, which I suppose could be a concern on the used lens.

Which is sharper at 15 mm? Any benefit of one over the other besides price?

I don't know anything about the sharpness of these lenses, I've never seen a comparison test.

You've ruled out the two most obvious applications for the zoom capability - circular fisheye on FF and diagonal fisheye on APS-H/APS-C. That leaves just one, which is 180deg diagonal fisheye at aspect ratios other than 3:2. For example, you can shoot at 11.7 mm for a 180deg field of view when cropped to square without unnecessary loss of resolution.

If I wanted a fisheye for full frame I would take the zoom without hesitation, simply for its creative possibilities.

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