Will a Sony NEX F3 or 5N take pictures the same quality as an entry level DSLR?

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Re: Will a Sony NEX F3 or 5N take pictures the same quality as an entry level DSLR?

First of all: read, please, most comprehensive reviews



NEX F3 and 5N are both great cameras already with kit lens. Pictures up to ISO 800 are razor-sharp, exposition impeccable, focusing enough fast in near all lightning conditions.

Your boss would be dissatisfied, she would see any scratch, every spot unseen with eye.

F3 have very best auto program: Superior Auto mode with versatile Creative mode. Many perfect scenery modes, PASM modes for enthusiasts. Perfect auto multi-shoot HDR, and many oters multi-shoot  modes.

5N have ISO 100-25600, F3 - 200-16000. This difference is not very important in real life.

Controls are poor, but high customizable. Included manual is not detailed.

To understand how to do customization and all adjustments  - read


What is really pain in the ass in both cameras: rotating dial for adjustments is both control wheel and joistic reacting on push. Any imperceptible pressing... and You get not what You are adjustong, but something unwanted.

NEX5R and NEX6 have special dial, second dial, that is really free from such errorrs.

Second problem: it is not possible fully shut off or reduce in grads noise reduction in both cameras. Standard or low that is option. Noise reduction could badly deteriorate details in deep shadows with ISO 1600-16000, and reduce sharpness in other areas ISO 3200-16000.

Third problem is white balance in shooting JPEGs under artificial lightning. Though camera posesses  many variants for adjustment, resultat is not continuous good. It is possible to shoot RAW. The best and simplest possibility to get perfect color - to  adjust it in Creative mode built - in in Superior Auto mode.

In common NEX cameras image quality is better than  from DSLR with comparable price.

What You get with NEX - it is very good live view: You view in advance what You will get in picture: color balance, sharpness, exposition. In DSLR live view is much poorer realised, and they focused in live view regime very slow.

You live in very sunny land. Screen could be not very good visible in  bright sun. Viewfinder would be more usable. DSLR have optical viwefinder. Ordinary regime in DSLR implements very fast phase detection focusing, but not live view.

Many non - DSLR have electronical viewfinder. NEX 6, 7 with built-in viewfinder, or attached viewfinder are too expensive for Your budget. If You want get budget camera with viewfinder, it could be very good Panasonic G3, if Your dealers sell this model.

Sorry for my English.

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