Recommendations for Nikon MF macro lens?

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Re: You cannot go wrong with any of the micro-Nikkors

eques wrote:

pschatz100 wrote:

I work with a tripod and take pictures of static subjects, so I can take my time to finesse the focus. Auto-focus is not an issue for me.

So do I, but for moving animals things I would like to have some AF and use the 14-45 with an achromat close up filter. - Peter.

When I first started doing macro, I used an Oly 40-150mm zoom with achromat close-up filter.  I got very good results, but it took a little work.  The auto focus was helpful in some situations - but more often than not, it did not put the plane of focus exactly where I wanted it.  And manual focusing-by-wire is not a pleasant experience for me.

A couple of other thoughts:

- Using the zoom allowed me to evaluate what focal lengths I preferred using.  As it turns out, I preferred using 40-60mm most of the time, so a 55mm macro lens was an easy choice.  Many people prefer 90-100mm which gives increased working distance (a possible advantage when working with live subjects.)

- A dedicated macro lens will have a longer focusing helical which makes it more convenient to position the camera where it needs to be for framing and sharp focus. With a normal lens and close-up filter, I was always moving the camera in order to get everything right.  A focusing rail helped, but I have found that I can work much more quickly with a true macro lens.

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