Ban violent games too?

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Re: When I was a kid

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But it doesn't mean we do nothing about gun control.

We didn't have video or computer games. Nope, not a one. On the other hand I brutally "murdered" most of my friends, hundreds if not thousands of times; and they murdered me.

We killed each other with cap guns, carpet guns, potatoe guns, pea shooters, and anything else that would simulate real violance. And it was vivid and "real."

Computer games are a poor substitute for the real thing.

Did we turn into homocidal killers because of our games...

Don't know when you were a kid, but the murder rate was even higher 15 years ago.

Yes it was, and we now have almost twice as many guns as we did 15 years ago.

But sorry, I was a kid in the 1950's.

Not sure we have records going back that far, but most of the "extra" guns are owned by people with multiple guns already - one person with two guns is not twice as deadly.

Besides, statistics are based on a proportional basis. Your population is also a lot larger.

This discussion and thread are about the affect of ​video games​ on the minds of children. Well, in my opinion video games are pretty tame compared to the, err, "violence" that my friends and I engaged in. Now it may be that YOU grew up With video games, and missed the real world. But sorry, children are perfectly capable of knowing that a video game is a game, just an my friends and I, killing each other on a regular basis knew the difference.

So I will ask you, why can't kids watch porn?

Why can't kids go out an hire hookers to get blow jobs?

Since you refuse to engage in discussion, don't expect any future responses to inane replies.


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

Typical reply, but if you are saying that pornography is bad for kids because the can't make the emotional dissociation, then you cannot claim that they can dissociate violence.

The graphic nature of violent computer games and the scenarios involved has become quite extreme.

You are the one who is refusing to engage in discussion because you can't answer the question.

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The process of observation changes that which is observed, hence you cannot photograph reality.

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