Do all steadycams have the floating effect?

Started Dec 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Do all steadycams have the floating effect?

after seeing comparisns and doing a search I have learned that the effect is like having gravity zero (like the merlin and the glidecam seem to have, where the cheaper bow like rigs don´t have a gimble but a ball joint (honestly I don´t really know what those are) and that makes the movements a little more abrupt (less steady almost like in camera/lens image stabilizer but a little bit better).

I think this one is better but its expensive

(it looks like below 175 dollars/euros its impossible to find something with this quality)

It would be for events so I would like one that "records" my settings and if I have 2 lenses I know that I need 2 weights for one lens and camera combo and 3 weights for the other lens and camera and I don´t want to calibrate each time I change lens is that possible?

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