What to do About Bad Focusing Sigma 35 1.4 on my 7D

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Re: What you did worked, docking station, problems

rsn48 wrote:

When shooting at f1.4 the plane is so shallow it is easy for you and/or the camera to blow focus. I predicted when this lens was first announced that folks would be here complaining about lousy focus as they don't understand shooting at f1.4 and would blame the lens.

Sigma will be releasing a docking station in 2013 which will allow you to modify the software within the lens to sharpen it up if you aren't happy - this is better than what Canon offers.

What you did worked, when shooting at f1.4 it is often best to shoot manually, or if you are lazy, you the autofocus to achieve "base" focus then switch over to manual. Shooting at f1.4 is almost identical to shooting true macro's in macro mode. People will purchase a true macro lens then complain the focusing is lousy, but with a macro you shoot in manual mode moving your body in and out to achieve sharpness.

I don't know if you had all focus points on or just the center point, but the camera (not the lens) may have not liked the paper if in center point mode, not enough contrast. Cameras like contrasty scenes when shooting.

I can almost guarantee you its either you or the camera or both that is having the difficulty not the lens. But if it is the lens, purchase the docking station when it comes out.

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This is true, shooting at wide apertures (2.8 and wider) you really need to machine gun the shutter and take the same shot at least using the center af point at 3-5 focal points and then you cherry pick the photo that is tack sharp.

This is what the pros do, it's called machine gunning the shutter.

Otherwise you have to learn good sharpening technique if machine gunning it isn't possible that way you can still end up with a somewhat sharp photo at a wide aperture.

Shooting wide open is very, very unforgiving which is why you need a really good technique.

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