Confused about ISO on A99 vs. D800 in Aperture Priority Mode?

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Re: Confused about ISO on A99 vs. D800 in Aperture Priority Mode?

ibluetooth wrote:

Thanks for all of the responses folks. I've downloaded the manual for the D800 and plan on heading back to the store on Monday. Also as far as the suggestion to buy an D600 + Tamron 24-70 for the same price - gotta admit it's pretty tempting. I'll try out the D600 as well while I'm there. Also, honestly, the D800 here in Canada is also on sale at some places at just a little cheaper than what the A99 retails for. That sale may not last very long though. If I do decide to go Nikon though, I could just sell my 16-50 lens get a bit of money and put it towards the Tamron if I end up liking the D800 better than the D600 and A99.

Again, thank you for all of your advice.

I have the A77  and could not justify going to the A99  for the same number of pixels and also one of  my main interests is birding so the extra reach of lenses via the A77 was important to me  BUT recently my wife had the idea of "more detail" in her landscapes so we bought a Nikon D800 and I  tell you we both miss that EVF and the LCD  of the Sony cameras (and her little Fuji for that matter) The LCD on the Nikon D800 is nearly useless outdoors (so much for live view!)  and the inability to angle it at all is another hindrance to ease of use doing low work.

Even for the landscapes, sunsets etc the ability to adjust exposure  and see the results before taking the image is a real  pleasure with the Sony  ,with  the Nikon it is more take , review , adjust ,take , review ,adjust and if you are outdoors (which most landscapes are) it is difficult to get a realistic review on the LCD , a real disappointment  form the D800 side of the fence. I am sure we will get good results from it but the ease of use is not there  compared to the EVF (IMHO as they say)

other folks may/will disagree this is just my experience and  penny's worth (2C)


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