Ban violent games too?

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Re: Ban violent games too?

Wheatfield wrote:

Princess Leia wrote:

thomasw333 wrote:

I like "violent" video games. But playing Borderlands 2 does not make me feel like I can jump 20 feet and dual wield a rocket launcher and assault rifle. I D K is Borderlands a violent video game, because I do not like the military shooters much. And as the second poster commented, it seems that a lot of these people already have mental issues. It seems like the issues is,

Parents do not know how to raise their kids.

Or our society does not know how to deal with mental disorders.

Or, there are too many people and the quality of life is so bad, it makes people with issues fall through the cracks and they kill people because they are misunderstood and no one is watching them.

Bingo "Parents do not know how to raise their kids."

I suspect if you do some research, you will find that a lot of the problem is the need for both parents to be working to keep a roof over their families' heads and food on the table, which is something that has been going on for a few decades or more. We are at least two generations into the latchkey kid phenomenon, and we are certainly seeing the results.

It's not so much that the parents don't know how to raise their kids as they don't have the time to do it. We learn our parenting skills from our parents, absent parents aren't able to pass these skill on, and children tend to end up raising themselves in the society we have built.

A good point, but I believe you reinforced my statement, if time is an issue, then don't have kids. If time is an issue, then change society. I can change the idea behind my statement to further support what you said. Society does not know how to raise kids. We let society become the way it is, and we can't raise kids in it, time to change society. I never said life was fair, it generally is not. Life is hard, and you have to be harder to get through it. I look at history, the "greatest generation" came back from the war, and their kids (my parents) total screw ups. They tried to raise their kids (me), I did ok, but I would not say that for 90% of the rest of people. So what happened, were did common sense, courtesy and respect go. Or were things better before, I like history and it seems to me humans have been generally poor at life forever and only a select few raise the bar.

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