Problem - YN622c with 2nd shooter

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Re: Problem - YN622c with 2nd shooter

I was thinking about that. The 602 or 603 triggers do not respond to the 622 communications, regardless of channel. But they can be piggybacked.

#1 - 622 on CH 1 and on-top flashflash.
#2 - ditto, CH 2.
That stops one firing the other.

#3 - 622 on CH 1, with 602TX mounted. Two 602RX on room lights.
#4 - 622 on CH 2, with 602TX mounted. 602TX on same channel as #3.

Problem - there is a significant propagation delay introduced by the 602s.

602s are slow; 622s are fast in comms and in processing speed. I haven't yet tested but a high speed may be restored by piggybacking 4 more 622s on CH 3! You would have a good supply of backups.

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