Canikon MUST switch to EVFs

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Re: Canikon MUST switch to EVFs

1) I am hesitant to use EVF's. I had 2 fuji cameras and they were the worst gear I ever owned\used. The AF was wonky, esp. in low light, there was a time delay between shutter release and it being ready for the next shot (could'nt use continuous advance) and made my eyes water. For the better part of the century, optical viewfinders had time to develop and be perfected, so what makes EVF's "better" ? Because it's (new) technology? Yeah right...

Convince me

2) I hear a lot about post-processing on this thread. OK, if you're to lazy to shoot properly first time round, what makes you think you can shoot at all? Taking crappy pix and slaping it into Photoshop is not photography, its called lazy incompetence! Expecting technology to somehow make you a better photographer is just wishful thinking and pretentious. Thinking that just because something is new, is somehow must be better. I just love those who spend a fortune of whizz-bang gear, and then switch everything to auto.

Don't get me wrong, I love technology, but I don't let it dictate my creativity, I use technology to assist me,and it brings me to the next point

3) You use something as a tool to help you get the job done. You choose that tool because it works for you. You certainly don't use a tool because someone wants to make money from you, nor do you do so to be "in" , "cool" or because of advertising hype.

People who who make statements like Airless are just the type who buy big flashy cars and wear excessive bling compensate for the small size of their gentlemen's vegetables!!!

Please, Airless, some of us have been pro's for far longer than you are alive on this planet, we've been around, and we've used stuff you don't know about. EVF, for the time being, is still in it's nappies. It's still got a long way to go. Please don't make statements like that.

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