Sony RX1 better than DP2 M

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Re: Not sure where the QED is...

Wificor27 wrote:

I was tempted by the RX1 and in the end I decided on the Sigma DP2.
It is true that for some of you, is to compare two different cameras.

I think you should speak for yourself, and not me, when you say that. I do a lot of real world shooting.

I compare them as mere tools of photography and therefore any other camera is comparable to a lesser or greater extent.
For starters, recognize that Dp2m has many limitations, especially beyond iso 400, video and other nonsense. But the picture quality is fabulous for daytime photography and when I talk about IQ, I do not speak only of sharpness, CA control talk and geometric distortion, where his RX1 Sony fails miserably.
Sample images of the final version RX1 shows that the objective-lens combo is not as good, generating lack of sharpness in corners and a keystone not up to scratch for the price it has. Not to mention that although chromatic aberration corrected by software really is more than palpable.
Sincerely, IQ as the RX1 will be greatly surpassed by many cameras much less budget.
In terms of high ISOs is very good but it is only profitable in the center of the image, no doubt in large apertures but this is not important in terms of "IQ Vs" imports all.

I am not sure I can agree with your lens assessment but do keep in mind if you want to compare the RX1 with the DP2M lens wise here, you can put the RX1 at F4.0 for such comparison as you get same DOF and the sharpness will certainly go up.  And the RX1 gives you then the option to shoot 1 stop faster which you don't on the DP2M.

Comparing at F4 vs F2.8 DP2M means you reduce light by one stop, but given how vastly superior the ISO is on the RX1 to the Sigma, losing 1 stop of light in a comparison like this is a non issue.

Right now we will see serious comparative images of the two cameras in the corners opposite and lose by much.
Here, in the sixth photo shows the large geometric distortion that has this combo, it is not acceptable for this type camera for money:
The blue chromatic aberration in this also not be accepted. See larger image in the upper left to see it.

Then I imagine you would totally reject the DP1M which seems to have worse CA than that.  Oh btw, that CA you mention in the last shot is hardly "a lot" particularly for wide open like that. Even the DP2M has some CA's on some edges, in a shot I took but it was not much. It wasn't too far from that.


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