Comparison of high-end camera video performance

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Re: Comparison of high-end camera video performance

Some like cameras for the sake of cameras and analyzing specs and pixels often becomes their main goal - why not? Others like more filming and/or editing - nothing wrong with this either. Obviously, there are all sorts of people in between.

If you are closer to the second category, I can assure you your camera is very good, and you will get excellent results even with minimum additional investment. Perhaps a good support system and NLE are a must. Just go out there and shoot! And have fun - do not pay too much attention to reviews especially from people how often have little idea what they are talking about or have their own agenda. This is especially true if you are shooting for YouTube/Vimeo.

When you have something, post a link, I would love to see it.


LifeIsAVerb wrote:


I have a 7, and am working my way through the process of outfitting it for some reasonably serious video work, so i like to believe the positive reviews of the camera! {8^)

And the $1,000 for the camera isn't the half of what the video budget is turning out to be—external mic, tripod, video head, light(s), mixer/preamp, rig, editing software…

But i'm having fun!

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