"Cold Hard Facts"... The results of Australia's Gun Ban

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Re: Not the case

Chato wrote:

Mark Smith wrote:

Chato wrote:

The number of homicides by year shows that the gun ban has had very little effect. Your point about "catagories" is totally meaningless, since the numbers I posted weren't "fixed" by the authors to exclude one time of murder in one year, and another in a different year.

Of course it's meaningful if there were zero gun deaths and zero murders followed by a train crash that bought about 500 deaths for which the Australian rail were convicted of corporate manslaughter your figures would show an increase. After all we know you think manslaughter=murder so that would make the figures rise and gun folks like you linked will say "500 manslaughters giving up guns didn't help the Aussies!"

Here are two graphs one with the rate of decline before and since the ban, anyone can see the trends

The figures I posted excluded suicide and DUI deaths. And the figures go from 1996 to 2011. The most murders (from all sources) were in 2002, more than in 1996. There were also almost as many murders in 2006.

Your homicide rate has been trending downward, long before the gun ban. I doubt if this trend has ​anything to do with the gun ban.


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They are making stuff up now - there IS data available that doesn't include some made-up train wreck or ANY non-gun homicide..

Mate - here's some graphs that ONLY show the firearm homicides - they can't deny the slope on these!

Oh.. wait.. they DID deny it..

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