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Re: Interesting tidbit in the middle about Adobe support

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Kendall, with all respect it really seems to me that anything about Sigma equipmet always has to be nothing less than stellar perfection in a review so the review is ok in your eyes., the battery life is pretty bad.

I've always said it's not great. But in the review they are talking about 35 shots from a battery, I'm getting 120 in heavy shooting. That is a real difference, and worth bringing up for anyone new reading.

I even said that for someone that didn't know any better it would be an accurate picture for them until they learned, so I'm not sure what I would have to do to please you there.

That it's still pretty bad.  I got about 70.  Most people are getting < 100 easily.

It's probably the worst of any cameras right now. For some that's an issue. I think it's worth mentioning the workaround but to just sort of brush it away is a bit silly IMHO. It adds to the cost of the camera, workflow and portability.

Two extra batteries and a charger at about $30!

Generic batteries no? My experience with generic batteries has been overall not very good.

The camera is $900... as for "adding to the portability" the batteries are smaller than most car keys. Come on. You accuse me of over-stating the usability of Sigma while you pine about a $30 added cost and something as easy to store as a pack of gum affecting workflow and portability.

I have seen the batteries. The batteries are like 3x to 4x a Pentax Q battery.  If you are going to be shooting at an entry level DSLR class battery we are talking easily at least 5 batteries. That starts to add up.  If you are one of the guys that goes off on a trail and camp now you need even more batteries (one situation for that: landscape use and there was one at least that showed up).

Yes, carrying 5-6 batteries of that size starts to add up. Of course whether it bothers someone in particular more or not is up to each individual, but this is hardly normal.

I totally agree the battery is worse than any other camera, and have never claimed otherwise. I just want people to understand how they can help make that issue better and any time something new is posted that talks about it it's worth mentioning a solution for new readers, because as you said it has an impact on workflow and the difference in how you use it actually does make the difference between needing an extra battery or two for the day and going a day without an extra battery. For my own shooting if I'm only going out for a day I only bring a spare battery as a backup and usually don't even use it.

I think it's great to mention the work around. It's just that often you mention it as if it wasn't a big deal in general at all.

And yes there have been a multitude issues with sigma equipment in the past which gave them the 3rd tier reputation they have but it sure seems they are finally coming past that which is great- more quality options for us.

Perhaps five years ago they had that level of issues where they may have been significantly worse in quality than other brands... in the past five years they have shipped mostly lenses that were excellent - the 70mm, the 85mm, the 120-300 (well to be fair that was always excellent in all iterations) a whole bunch of zooms that people like and use on every brand of camera.

Yes, they had many issues though I would claim closer to now. But I am with you they seem to have improved over time, which again, it's great.

Reputations linger, I get that. I totally understand it takes a long time to overcome problems people had 10 or 10 years ago. That is why it is so important to counteract the notion that Sigma only recently started shipping quality gear, because Sigma has been designing excellent cameras and lenses for some time now. The old DP cameras he called trash, also had really good controls and delivered excellent images with really sharp lenses. Why let a comment like that pass without correction?

I don't agree the issue was that long ago. Most of the DSLR's Foveons had some rather serious issues. But ok, I think saying it was simply trash without at least qualifying it further is silly also. I'll agree with that.

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