Sony's RX100 premium case vs a belt case

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Re: Sony's RX100 premium case vs a belt case

2eyesee wrote:

Just comparing this to the OP/TECH Snappeez-Large Wide Neoprene ) mentioned by DFPanno. Do you have an opinion of the vertical vs horizontal orientation of the case?

I like the magnetic locking of the Snappeez vs the velcro of the Cute C4 - but I guess either is preferable to fiddling with a zip every time you want to take out the camera.

I notice the Cute C4 also has a pocket. I guess this could carry a lens cleaning cloth or memory card, but presumably you wouldn't fit a spare battery in there.

I prefer vertical, but that's really a personal thing.I just tug on the wrist strap and out it comes.

Yeah, I'd prefer a magnet, but the Velcro is fine. The trouble with a zip is that you will eventually scratch the camera on the zip teeth as you take the camera out. I originally had a case logic case (came with the kit, from Adorama). I stopped using it after a couple of times, for that reason.

You could easily keep a spare battery in the pocket.

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