Installing OS on SSD from HDD

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Re: Not alway the simple process made out to be

jamesdak wrote:

And I did shrink down the OS system partition on the original HD. Made it 44 GB in size. Yet when I wasted yet 3 more DVDS to make the recovery set with the Dell program it still does not work. Once again once I boot up off the DVD's and start the recovery the program wants a I TB + SSD to reinstall to. So there is something definetly wrong with how this is working on this machine. Very frustrating but just want other's to realize that it is not necessarily the simple easy process everyone makes it out to be. Wish I could give the reason why.

Have all of your efforts been trying to restore a "clone" of your OS? If so, maybe try a normal backup and restore.

I've used Acronis True Image to do a normal "backup" of the Windows OS and restored it to smaller hard drive with no problems. Acronis will even restore multiple partitions to a smaller drive and decrease the size of the partitions proportionally, as long as there is enough space on the destination drive.

I just helped a friend last week use Acronis True Image to restore a full "normal" backup of his WinXP 200GB HDD to a used 160GB HDD that I gave him. Acronis resized his two partitions down to fit the smaller HDD. Also, there was no need to prepare the used HDD because Acronis automatically deleted all partitions on the destination drive first before proceeding with the restore.

I think most backup programs can restore backups of a larger HDD to a smaller HDD. An SSD is just a SATA drive so should at least allow the restore. Some backup programs will restore with proper partition alignment for the SSD.


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