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Well I think the E-5 will be good enough if you are able to stay with ISO 200 where the fast lenses are helpful. But it is clear that nobody would have rejected an E-5 with the Sony sensor, that unfortunately came too late.

The D800 has wiped away the argument that with Nikon there is plenty of lenses to choose from. Lens choice has seldom been as restrictive as with that camera, at least if you want the 36 mpix become real.

You are in a mucher better position with mFT and lenses and there are still many lenses also from third party manufacturers to come.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

I think you have to use both lenses on a daily basis for any comparison to be meaningful.
I don't. Oly have never offered an FT sensor that made the SHG glass worth the trouble. The virtue of FT was compactness, not quality, so the SHG lenses made no sense. Possibly, had Oly not shacked up in turn with the two worst sensor makers, things might have been different. I suppose possibly an E7 with SHG glass and the OM-D sensor might genuinely offer exceptional IQ, better than FF with their limited lenses.
In the meantime I found the HG lenses just fine, and you can find primes that match them and are way smaller and in most cases cheaper in the MFT world. The primes are also faster, so welcome to DoF effects.

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