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Re: D4x with a D800 sensor?

chipmaster wrote:

Lots of possibilities for Nikon

Take the 36Meg sensor sans AA and put in D4 body, probably will still have limit of FPS and sell for 5999.99 and give nikon lovers the options of high pixels in pro body, fast performance with lower pixels

Take the D4 sensor and put in D800 and call it the D800s sell 4K or something and limit it to 5FPS or something and with grip enable 8FPS.

Bot make a lot of sense more options to give Nikon lovers any and all mix and match they want. Why should Nikon focus on producing any one model with good quality and first class sevice when they can flood the market with model after model and just drop prices to move volume

I don't agree with you on these points.

Option 1: Like I said previously in this thread, the market is tiny for that type of camera.  If I can buy a D800E for half the price and get the same IQ I won't be buying the bigger camera.  This body wouldn't sell well at all.

Option 2: Why would I pay more for a D800S over a D800E?  The D800 sensor is better in terms of IQ compared to the D4 sensor (according to DxO).  So now I'm supposed to pay an extra $1000 for less than half the megapixels and lower dynamic range only to gain 1FPS?  This makes no sense at all.  This camera would have to be cheaper than a D800, but that segment is already filled by the D600.

Neither of those cameras make sense to me.

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