Minolta manual focus on Sony alpha

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Re: I use the 50mm f1.7 with and w/o glass adapter for flower shots and....(more)

Regarding the set you own I haven't heard or read anything that would mark any of them as so special (from optical point of view or ergonomics point of view) to "justify" the cost of conversion especially if one is using crop SLR. I have seen examples and myself thought about converting fast 50/58 f1.2 or 35/85 f1.8 primes but those lenses are somewhat unique and cost substantially more, and I am using FF body. In majority of cases though using old Minolta lenses on Nex E mount with an adapter has more sense than converting them to A mount.

I am using older Minolta lenses on Nex-3 with an adapter. My collection consists of MC Rokkor PF 58 f1.4, MC Rokkor W 35 f1.8 and MC Rokkor 135 f2.8. Using manual focus lenses is a joy even though it may sometimes be harder to get good results. If you go mirror-less camera route one advice I could give you is to choose lens adapter carefully. Many adapters advertised as "pro" grade are probably as good or bad as cheap ones. My Photodiox Minolta to Nex adapter did not allow achieving critical focus at infinity. I also could not correct it myself by tightening screws or adding more shims. At the end I bought expensive Novoflex adapter and the problem was gone. Sometimes it is better to spend more up front.

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