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Your analogy doesn't work

Nordstjernen wrote:

I didn't buy into a system because it was a bit lower priced than the competitors, or because they ran som campaigns.

When you bought the Minolta 9000 (in 1986-87?) it was totally modular, and was offered with a comprehensive lineup of AF lenses and accessories.  Nothing else like this was available in the marketplace.  Minolta and its retailers were thus able to freeze the prices at MSRP on everything in the Maxxum system until Canon (EOS) and Nikon gradually penetrated the AF market with their products. Only then did Maxxum prices become more flexible.

I have followed the Minolta/Sony A-bayonet from the Minolta A9000, simply because jumping the ship would be too expensive. There is nothing with the other systems that makes them significantly better than Sony. More lenses (none which I really need), yes, maybe a bit better autofocus at the high end (would be Nice), but then I can live well with what Sony is offering us, and I am paying the prices my photo store is asking for. I don't buy because the price is lowered, but because I think new cameras and lenses will be helpful for my photography.

Saving aa few bucks is ok, but not essential to me.

If lowest price was really important, everybody would have bought the cheapest cars. But they/we don't!

Your analogy may work for someone considering a Powershot over a Cyber-shot, but not for those already invested in the A mount.

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