Recommendations for Nikon MF macro lens?

Started Dec 23, 2012 | Questions thread
pschatz100 Contributing Member • Posts: 577
You cannot go wrong with any of the micro-Nikkors

You cannot go wrong with any of the micro-Nikkors. Personally, I have the 55mm f/2.8 Ai-s. It is a bit better than the f/3.5 models but I paid a bit more for it. Still, it was a bargain and I found that a quality manual focusing lens is much easier to use for macros than the native m4/3 lenses with focus by wire. Its size and weight make it a very comfortable lens to use on my E-PL2.

I work with a tripod and take pictures of static subjects, so I can take my time to finesse the focus. Auto-focus is not an issue for me.

The micro-Nikkor is one of my most used lenses - so much so that I purchased an adapter specifically for it which stays on the lens all the time.

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