Please help me figure out how to use the V1 indoors!

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Cornblatt New Member • Posts: 4
Please help me figure out how to use the V1 indoors!

I just got a Nikon V1 and I am having difficulty getting quality images in anything but brightly lit situations.  I have the 10mm f2.8 lens, and the 30-110mm zoom lens, and the SB-N5 flash.

Images taken indoors in typical evening household light have this multicoloured graininess to them that I do not think is right.  Things that should be a smooth, even colour are instead speckly.  I'm not talking about microscopic things you only see at 800% magnification; the problem is obvious in pictures viewed at less than 100% size.  It's not possible to crop or enlarge any of the photos I take with the V1 in these conditions because the quality is too poor.

I have seen other posts in this forum where people have posted beautiful pictures taken in dim light, so I assume the camera is capable of this, but I am not sure how to do it or what I am doing wrong.  I get the problem with either of the two lenses I own.

I compared the camera to the Fujifilm X10 and Panasonic LX7 to show what I mean; a sample should be attached.  You can see that the shadowed items on the Fuji image are gray as you would expect.  Even the Panasonic, while not as sharp, is still smooth in colour.  The Nikon has this unpleasant rainbow effect; if you view the image at 25% size, the rainbow kind of blurs into the right colour, but that does not seem right for a camera of this caliber.

Comparison of V1 with X10 and LX7

Comparison, enlarged

I realize the V1 image is at a higher ISO (but not much higher than the Fuji); I tried to capture all images at a similar shutter speed, letting the camera pick the aperture/ISO.  I still get the grainy image problem at lower ISOs; even ISO 100 does not yield a perfectly smooth image (not to mention ISO100 being impractical for handheld indoor shots).

So, any tips would be appreciated!  How do I get the V1 to perform better than (or even equal to) the two point-and-shoot cameras I compared it to in these conditions?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have!

Fujifilm X10 Nikon 1 V1 Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7
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